About the CFP® program

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® credential is the most desired and respected global certification for those seeking to demonstrate their commitment to competent and ethical financial planning practice. CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals meet initial and ongoing education, experience and professional development requirements, pass a rigorous exam that assesses competency, and adhere to a code of ethics, pledging to provide financial planning in the interests of clients and with the highest ethical and professional standards.

The CFP® certification program in India is directly administered by U.S.-based Financial Planning Standards Board Ltd. (FPSB Ltd.), owner of the international CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER certification program outside the United States. FPSB Ltd. partners with its global network of Affiliate organizations to administer CFP® certification programs in 27 countries and territories around the world, representing a global CFP professional community of 213,000+ at the end of 2022 (with 2,517 CFP professionals in India).

Benefits of CFP Certification

Opportunity to join a global network of 213,000+ CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals committed to putting the client’s interests first.

Enhanced career and employment opportunities with financial services companies. Your services are sought by banks, distribution houses, AMC, insurance companies, equity brokerage and financial planning firms.

Personal satisfaction in achieving the financial planning profession’s global standard of excellence.

Satisfied clients who appreciate a comprehensive approach to financial planning, extending in return long-term relationships and referrals.

Your expertise and credibility as a qualified financial planning professional is instantly communicated.

More revenue streams by increasing your product and service offerings for clients.

Recognition in more than 27 territories around the world.

Trust among Indian consumers in your commitment to competent and ethical financial planning practices.


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The Value of CFP Certification

CFP certification benefits consumers, practitioners and financial services firms in a variety of ways.


CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professionals are trusted financial professionals who work with individuals and families to develop practical, easy-to-understand solutions for every stage of life. FPSB Ltd.’s research with more than 19,000 consumers worldwide showed:

Those who work with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER professional feel more strongly confident about their financial situation than those managing their own finances or working with a different type of financial adviser.

Consumers who have a written, comprehensive plan are nearly three times more likely to feel strongly confident about achieving their life goals.


FPSB Ltd. partnered with Cerulli Associates to survey more than 3,500 CFP professionals in six territories around the world about the benefits of pursuing CFP certification. Those practitioners said that after receiving their CFP certification:

Among those seeking to advance their careers, 37% earned a promotion, got a new job or started their own practice.

57% reported growing their client base in the 12 months following their certification.

63% saw their income grow in the 12 months following their certification.

72% reported increased satisfaction with their careers.

87% expected to be able to keep clients longer.


59% of firms reported that employing CFP professionals led to fewer client complaints.

69% of firms reported that employing CFP professionals lowered corporate risk.

69% of firms reported that CFP professionals have a higher rate of growth of assets under management.

76% of firms found that employing CFP professionals led to increased client retention.

79% of firms plan to grow the number of CFP professionals.

84% of firms said employing CFP professionals had a positive impact on client satisfaction within the firm.