Our Students Say!

A Selvaraj

MBA, CFP®, Vice president - PGIM India Mutual Fund

I had the privilege of being trained by Mr. Subhash for my CFP certification, he is a mentor in my journey towards financial planning excellence and his experience in the field combined with excellent teaching skills made the complex concepts easy to understand. I highly recommend him to anyone looking not just for passing the CFP exams but to become a successful practising Financial Life Planner...

Karthik Manohar

MBA(IB), CFP, Financial Advisor

I take great pride in attaining my CFP certification under the expert guidance of Mr. Subhash UN. Drawing from my extensive 15-year tenure in the financial industry, I can assert that Mr. Subhash's level of precision and attention to detail in his instruction is unparalleled. His pedagogical approach is nothing short of exceptional, marked by an insightful and ingenious concept in financial planning. I wholeheartedly endorse Mr. Subhash UN as an exemplary figure in this field.

Karthik Elangovan

Director - Wealth Management with HDFC Banking Wealth

Subhash is an excellent trainer in personal finance and wealth management. He’s very patient and has in detail knowledge about the subject. He made the course easily understandable. I used to travel to Chennai from Pondicherry every weekend for the classes and during weekdays I did my homework assignments as instructed and sent him the excel files for review. He is very easy to communicate with and gives very interesting real life examples and he handled the course with a good pace and order.

J Ganesh Kumar

Director, Syaara Wealth Square Pvt Ltd, Chennai

I met Mr. Subhash in 2014 and I completed my CFP in 2015 with his guidance. He is a High quality professional in CFP Training and so many people immensely benefited by attending his classes including me. When it comes to teaching he will explain things based on the students understanding capabilities and he is very dynamic and approachable for all the queries. Completing CFP has helped me change my career growth completely giving me confidence to start my entrepreneurship journey. Thank you Mr. Subhash for all your support. I strongly endorse him to anyone who wants to successfully transition from being an employee to becoming a successful practising financial planner.

Raghuprasad R


I started my banking career in 2006, where I spent over a decade in banking operations and investment advisory services. Later, I transitioned to IT but always held a strong desire to start my own investment advisory business. However, lacking confidence, I realized that obtaining a CFP certification would enhance my capabilities. In 2019, I had the opportunity to meet Mr. Subhash UN, and I decided to enroll in his training centre for CFP certification.

Mr. Subhash’s sessions were eye-opening and provided me a clear understanding of financial planning and its holistic approach. With his unwavering guidance and support, I successfully obtained my CFP certification in 2020. I've been operating as a full-time Mutual Fund distributor since the beginning of 2022 and have acquired a substantial client base. I can only credit my achievements to Mr. Subhash’s invaluable mentorship and assistance in completing the CFP certification without which this career transition wouldn’t have been possible.


MBA, CFP®, Chief Investment Officer @ CurateMyMoney.com

I've had the privilege of knowing Mr. Subhash for over a decade. When I decided to explore financial planning concepts and certifications, I immediately turned to him and he helped me to complete CFP certification.

Mr. Subhash possesses unparalleled expertise in the realm of finance, skilfully blending profound practical wisdom with a remarkable ability to simplify intricate concepts.

His lectures consistently proved insightful and engaging, augmented by real-life examples that made complex financial ideas easily accessible.

Ranjeet Nair

Vice President – Sales, WhiteOak Capital Management , Tamilnadu

Mr. Subhash is a wonderful teacher who has a unique ability to inspire hope, ignite the imagination and instil a love for learning. He has absolute mastery over all subjects and his passion is evident in his patience and willingness to go the extra mile to help his students. With his sense of humour, he makes learning fun and engaging. As a student, I can confidently say he made a difference and a lasting impact in my financial journey.



Mr. Subhash’s classes are the best as he is an excellent teacher. He breaks down all the difficult concepts well enough for us to understand and even prepares us to face the exam with confidence. I passed all the modules and the final exam in the first attempt. His classroom teaching also provides a great platform for networking with others from the same industry. I highly recommend his classes.

S Saravanan

Director & Co-promoter of Purplepond Financial Planners Pvt Ltd and Purplepond Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd., B Tech, MBA, CFP®, CTEP

I am deeply grateful for the invaluable guidance and expertise provided by Mr U N Subhash, CFP® in clearing my CFP certification. His unwavering support, insightful explanation and commitment to make me imbibe the concepts were truly commendable. He made complex financial concepts accessible and fostered a learning environment that was both engaging and enriching.

I wholeheartedly endorse his teaching and express my sincerest gratitude for his pivotal role in my education. His dedication and passion for teaching were instrumental in equipping me with the knowledge and skills essential to successfully clear the course and make the transition from a Salaried employee to Business owner.

Wish Mr Subhash to be the most sought after mentor and trainer in the field of Financial Planning and wish him to become Bigger…. and the Biggest “CFP factory” in India.

S Venkatraman

Director – HDFC Bank Wealth (Global Private Clients)

I passed the CFP certification and learned with the guidance of Mr Subhash UN in both class room and LMS sessions (Online portal). LMS portal is a real gift for students like me to learn on the move at my own pace and access the Subject Topics with Problems and solutions step by step solved and accessible in just a click sitting in the comfort of home...

The online sessions help for better knowledge sharing and understanding concepts well with live examples. Especially the homework assignments and reviews are probably the best thing which helped me understand the topics deeply, Course correct and remember them with Single point attention. The Sample case studies were useful from the exam perspective.


CFP® and AMFI Registered Mutual Fund Distributor

I know Subhash since 2008 and completed my CFP through him. Subhash’s style of teaching & grasp on subject matter is unmatchable. The course content is well organized and worth the time. I would recommend Sri. Subhash to anyone who wants to level up their skills in Personal finance. I enjoyed the online course offered by him which helped to study at my own pace. The quizzes and tests are very helpful to pass the exam in my first attempt. Thanks Subhash ji. Your passion to teach is remarkable. Continue your good work.

Sathyanarayanan M

SVP Regional Head South, UTI Retirement Solutions Limited

My journey of being a CFP certified became a reality due to Mr Subhash and the best thing of the classes was it takes you along and makes you feel excited to complete and you can be assured of guidance from Subhash if you are getting stuck anywhere.


B.Tech , IT Director – Prodapt Solutions LTD.

With 20 years of IT industry experience, I had an urge to gain familiarity of personal finance concepts. One of my friends from MF distribution business suggested me to talk to Subhash, who had already gained reputation as a preferred trainer for CFP aspirants.

In my first meeting with Subhash, he came across as a very amiable, empathetic individual. I got an opportunity to be trained under a very knowledgeable and a practical financial coach. He encouraged and kindled my interest to learn and through his inimitable teaching skills helped me acquire a good understanding and practical application of financial concepts.

The whole world was hit by a pandemic while we were 2 months into training. Subhash quickly implemented a learning management system (LMS) which ensured uninterrupted training and was as effective as class room learning. Thanks to his agility and resourcefulness.

Thanks to Subhash for providing a positive impact on my financial thinking, outlook and life…

Satyanarayan Yanmantram

M.Com, M.Phil - Partner at Sri Krishna Capital

I attended the CFP challenger module and Sri Subhash’s way of teaching is to the point and focussed. Every minute used in the classroom is worth it. He showed complete interest and motivated me for a clear understanding of Financial Planning. He is flexible to answer any doubts and the examples of case studies are worth mentioning.

Shalini Subramanian

I thank Subhash sir for this opportunity to grow in our career and would like to express my deep gratitude.

I got very good support and gained knowledge about the financial industry from your excellent coaching and handholding throughout the CFP journey. The Classes and materials given were really useful and helped me not only to score from examination angle but also to practice in the field confidently. As a Coach you always understood our strength and weakness and encouraged us to learn accordingly, clear our mistakes and finish the module quickly. This has helped me to proudly stand as a qualified "Certified Financial Planner" today.

DR. Senthil AV

PhD in Commerce (Wealth Management), Financial Coach, Founding Director – RRR Tejas Pvt. Ltd., Founding Partner – Tejas Family Solutions,

Very happy to be a student of Subhash who helped me in acquiring CFP credentials!

His communication is crystal clear, the slides that he used are easy to comprehend. Covers all the topics of CFP including Taxation!!

If you plan to acquire CFP certification, strongly recommend only Mr. Subhash. Have a great day!!


BE CSE | MS CS | Ex-AWS (Amazon Web Services) | MFD

Subhash UN was my coach for the CFP exams (regular pathway) in 2019-2020. Although I came from a non-finance background, I cracked the exams on the first attempt easily with his able guidance. He is a patient & meticulous trainer who is student-centric. He does not rush through the content and spends sufficient time on important foundational concepts. His presentations are practical and involve a fair bit of real-life examples drawn from his vast experience as a financial planner. He is one of the best trainers in Chennai.

Suman Chakravarthy

Senior Vice President, Axis Bank

Subhash is one of the finest trainer I have come across, and I can confidently say that his expertise in CFP training is unparalleled. His training methods are both informative and engaging, making complex financial concepts easy to grasp. I highly recommend Subhash to anyone looking to undergo CFP training.

V Ravi

AVP - TN Head, 360 ONE AMC LTD, Chennai

I know Subhash from 2008 onwards and have attended his Financial planning training classes through Fidelity AMC and DSP AMC during my career with Geojit Financial Services and again met him in Pondicherry when I joined with HDFC MF there. He used to travel weekly once to take class for PONDY MFDs.

When I decided to do the CFP course, everyone’s unanimous recommendation at Chennai was one and only Subhash.

He is very friendly and easily approachable for doubt clarifications, even today after successfully completing CFP if I need any clarification in Financial planning I approach him as his ever green and ever grateful student.

S Harish Muthiah


During my CFP certification, I was fortunate to be mentored by Mr. Subhash UN, who possesses exceptional expertise in the field. I used to look forward every week to the classes which were so interesting and insightful and made my journey from Trichy to Chennai always worth the efforts. Though I didn’t have much practical exposure as I was fresh out of college, Mr. Subhash made sure that even for a person like me the subjects were easy to follow with his cool approach which comes from decades of his training experience. I earned a B Grade in my Advanced Financial Planning paper and I credit this achievement to the guidance and support provided by my coach, Subhash UN.

B Govindarajan

Founder of Partha Investmart LLP

U N Subhash’s exceptional mentorship was instrumental in my journey to becoming a Certified Financial Planner in 2012. His personalized coaching, unwavering support, and in- depth understanding of financial planning, accompanied by real-life case studies, made all the difference. His patience and dedication in addressing my queries ensured my success in clearing all papers on my first attempt. What truly sets him apart is his ability to connect with students, teaching not only theory but also practical applications in financial calculators and Excel. His emphasis on financial ratios has been invaluable for my career. I am proud to endorse Subhash and highly recommend his guidance to aspiring CFPs.